Getting back to the HOUSE!!

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope this finds everyone out there doing well. I know it has been a while since we have blogged about the tiny house. Our instructor, Mr. Longo, and the young men have done a lot of good, productive work over the last two weeks. Mr. Longo has taught them the importance of insulating around windows and how to properly apply spray in insulation.

The young men in the program completed a lot of the finishing work on the outside of the house, before moving inside. They installed the soffits and finished up the fascia, as well as put trim around the soffits.

They have also worked in the classroom learning about plumbing, electrical work, and framing. They have been able to apply what they have learned in the classroom towards building upon the tiny house. They have started the plumbing in the bathroom and in the kitchen. The hot & cold water lines have been run to their respective places, and the drains have been put in. They have begun putting in switch boxes, as well as running wire to the boxes. They also framed the bathroom out. Over the past two weeks it has changed on the inside of the house dramatically with the plumbing and electrical going in, as well as installing a shower bottom, toilet and vanity.

Our young men have enjoyed learning from Mr. Longo in the classroom setting, but also being able to learn a trade that they can use once they complete the program. We have all been impressed by the effort that they are putting forward and the passion and pride that they show through their work. I hope you enjoy these pictures of the progress. Have a great weekend!!


Getting back to the HOUSE!!

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