Tiny House Update

Good morning everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. The boys have made a great deal of progress on the tiny house since our last update.

Since the last update the boys have learned how to measure, cut, and hand dry wall in the classroom and have been able to put what they have learned towards practical application. They have completed all the dry wall in the house with some help from staff and the Mr. Longo, the teacher. There were many cuts that they were able to practice while hanging the dry wall. Mr. Longo showed them how to mark and cut for the light switches and sockets, as well as the water lines. There were also many different angles that the boys were able to cut while hanging the dry wall, thus better enhancing their skills and not just cutting straight lines.

Of course hanging drywall comes with mudding and fixing any imperfections in the dry wall. The tiny house work crew has done a great job with this task, because any of you that has ever had to sling some mud knows how tedious this task can be. Overall, the tiny house is really starting to take shape now that they have got the dry wall hung and the mudding is almost complete. Please, take a look at the pictures of progress and thank you for you continued support of our young men as they complete the tiny house. Stay tuned for more updates. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a great start to your New Year!!!




Tiny House Update

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